NMCraft Designs

Animator and Designer

The Beginning

Nathan M. Craft

Below is a little information about my type of work and what I want to do in my future
The career that I wish to pursue is something in the CGT field that involves Video Games or something along that line. I play video games at least once a week and I capture every detail put into one. Thinking that I could do this as my career I would want to do this for life. Working on a team is a strong trait of mine and I always get along with my group. I believe that this is a strong trait to have because being able to work all together is a must have in a group project. I am also very creative and can give out solutions usually very fast if asked. This can be really helpful especially if no one else is able to answer right away. It might make me look like a fool, but if I can help someone else answer then it should work out.
As for my career decision I am not really sure what I would like to do as in working on the video game. It is something that I enjoy right now and there’s always more room for development especially in video games as technology is always changing. I would like to design the environment or even characters within the game. I am still a bit skeptical at this moment in time, but hopefully I will be able to find out what I would like to do soon.